Ian Wright has hit back at Lord Alan Sugar after the Apprentice star claimed men weren’t being given enough of a platform in the BBC’s coverage of the Women’s Euros.

On Saturday, Lord Sugar tweeted: “I am watching the women's football and notice that ALL the commentators are women.

“I also note when men’s football is on there is a symbolic female commentator to cover the broadcaster's backside.

“Should I complain there should be a male commentator in women's football.”

Lord Sugar received criticism for his tweet, including from one of the BBC’s hosts for the tournament Gabby Logan, who said: “We have plenty of men working on this tournament Lord Sugar, don’t fret you’re not being eradicated.”


However, Lord Sugar doubled down this morning after Ian Wright was included in the BBC’s coverage of England v Norway on Monday night, claiming credit for a change in approach.

He said: “I was pleased to see my old mate Ian Wright was given the opportunity to commentate on the ladies game last night.

“I wonder if my earlier tweet below touched a nerve. Of course, BBC sport will say not at all, Ian was already lined up for it.”

The Apprentice host tagged Ian Wright in the tweet, who responded with a two-minute video.

The Arsenal legend said Lord Sugar’s “ego is out of control” and that he had “doubled down” on his “foolishness”.

Mr Wright said: “It is doing my head in.

“The thing is, my friend, rather than just saying: ‘I got it wrong, lots of men are working at all levels of the tournament’, you doubled down on some complete foolishness.

“In your mind you actually thought that after you sent that tweet the BBC phoned me up, never mind the fact that I have been booked for a year, you genuinely think they called me up and said: ‘Ian, you have to get back from Germany as soon as possible. Alan Sugar has tweeted, and we can’t upset him, we need to get you on’.

“That says to me your ego is out of control. Where are the people around to hug you? It is laughable, stop doing it to yourself.

“In all seriousness, I am glad you are watching and the only thing you can find fault with doesn’t even exist.

“I sit in rooms with these ex-players belittling the women’s game all the time, and I am so glad it annoys you and all of them.

“I hope you enjoy the rest of the tournament.

“Can you please tweet again so I can work Friday too? God Bless.”