Gatwick Airport has issued a statement after a disabled easyJet passenger has died after 'falling down an escalator'.

Gatwick says the incident took place on Wednesday, June 16 and added that staff were helping to disembark three passengers with restricted mobility at the time, including the man's partner. 

But it's said he decided to leave the easyJet plane and chose not to wait for staff to return and fell whilst going up an escalator, an airport spokesperson said.

Now in a statement shared by a Gatwick spokesperson, they said the passenger made a short walk to the escalator from the runway to the Skybridge, that takes passengers to the north terminal. 

News Shopper: The passenger took an easyJet flight. (PA)The passenger took an easyJet flight. (PA)

They added that easyJet cabin crew were the closest to the man and provided the medical attention before the airport's medical staff arrived. 

Following the airport's statement, the airline said: "A number of our cabin crew provided medical assistance to a passenger at Gatwick Airport whilst waiting for paramedics to arrive.

"However the passenger sadly later passed away."

Gatwick Airport has confirmed that a formal investigation is now underway. 

They shared that when the aircraft arrived a member of staff was deployed from Wilson James, a company that provides assistance for passengers with restricted mobility.

The staff member "was in the process of disembarking the three PRM [passengers with restricted mobility] passengers when the incident occurred"

The airport also wanted to confirm that "staff shortages were not a factor in this incident."

"It is normal for one staff member to disembark three passengers who require assistance by taking them one at a time the short distance to the waiting buggy," they added.