Calling all Abba fans, if you've not yet heard the news, you can now travel to the Greek island of Skopelos and get to experience the magic that is the world of Mamma Mia, all without leaving the UK.

Mamma Mia the Party at the O2 Arena London helps you step away from the everyday hustle and bustle and step into the music of Abba and food of Greece and I was lucky enough to experience it.

Set on the tropical island where the iconic film was shot, you get to take a seat in the family-run taverna, Nikos' where you can enjoy a four-course meal all whilst an immersive show is taking place. 

News Shopper: Mamma Mia the Party. (Emilia Kettle)Mamma Mia the Party. (Emilia Kettle)

Take A Chance on Mamma Mia the Party

From the moment you step into the family-run taverna, you feel transported onto the island, with servers greeting you in Greek and even asking how the flight over was.

While you make your way up the stairs and into the scenery you can spot pictures of the movie's original cast, and Abba themselves, who have visited the show all up the on wall. 

Guests are shown to their seats, and we were lucky enough to have great seats on the balcony where you can see the whole show.

They even turned out to be Björn Ulvaeus' chosen seats when he visits!

News Shopper: Mamma Mia the Party. (Emilia Kettle)Mamma Mia the Party. (Emilia Kettle)

Once you are settled down, your server introduces themselves and welcomes you to the Islands and as a welcome present, you are given a complimentary drink of either Prosecco and Elderflower or a nonalcoholic alternative.

The show itself is mesmerising, with a high-end production that never stops surprising you and singers whose voices will amaze you.

Performing all the best and biggest hits from the iconic band, the show tells the story of a secret romance blossoming amongst the busy taverna as they are kept apart by the taverna owner Nikos.

From dancing, singing, jumping on bars, audience interaction, acrobatics, and much more the show is everything and more that any Abba fan could wish for and promises you will be up all night dancing your heart out to Waterloo.

The Dinner Takes It All

News Shopper: Vegan options at Mamma Mia the Party. (Emilia Kettle)Vegan options at Mamma Mia the Party. (Emilia Kettle)

If you're a self-proclaimed foodie and have your doubts about the quality of the food at the Party, then think again, because the four-course meal made by Chef Debbie will have you saying I Do, I Do, I Do.

Plus there's no need to worry if you have any dietary requirements as they offer vegetarian and vegan options for all meals too. 

Already waiting for you is a Mezze of bread (mix of focaccia and breadsticks), dips, and olives.

The starter is the iconic Greek salad made of fresh cherry tomatoes, cucumber, feta cheese (or a vegan alternative), and onions drizzled with olive oil that leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to party.

Following the first act of the show, after Chef Debbie nearly burns down the Nikkos, you get to try the main - a confit lamb shoulder and slow-cooked beef severed with roasted garlic potatoes, courgettes peporonata, romesco, and aromatic jus.

News Shopper: Desert choices at Mamma Mia the Party. (Emilia Kettle)Desert choices at Mamma Mia the Party. (Emilia Kettle)

And for vegetarian and vegan guests you are offered a roasted cauliflower with lemon-herb dressing and a stuffed tomato with lentil ragout. 

The main is served quickly and you are given plenty of time to enjoy the yummy food before the second half starts, plus while you’re enjoying the food you can chat to some of the staff working across the bar and even take part in an aerobics class. 

For dessert, you can try the delicious Greek lemon cake or vegan dough balls served with a sweet fig jam. 

And there are plenty of drinks to choose from including a jug of sangria for £20, cocktails, wine, and tonnes of soft drinks too.

Overall, the food is fantastic and there's no need to be saying SOS as it's all served swiftly.

News Shopper: Mamma Mia the Party. (Emilia Kettle)Mamma Mia the Party. (Emilia Kettle)

When All is Said and Done

Mamma Mia the Party is not an experience to miss out on, it offers a superb performance, brilliant food, and a great night out with unforgettable memories made.

It'll have you singing Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! another ticket as you party all night and wish you could revisit the island to experience it all again.

Whether you are planning a night out, a birthday, a hen do or are just looking for a place for all things Mamma Mia, this Abba party will leave you saying Thank You For The Music.

How to book Mamma Mia the Party tickets

So it's time to get your dancing shoes on and start planning your outfits as you become a Dancing Queen and book some tickets.

You can book tickets now via Eventim, with a choice of matinee or evening shows from Wednesday to Sunday.

Tickets start at £137 and can reach above £200, depending on the chosen package and seat choice. 

See Mamma Mia The Party now.

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