Whatsapp users were reporting issues with the messaging platform on Thursday, April 28.

Users were left unable to send messages and problems with the server connection and receiving messages were also reported.

According to the DownDetector website, more than 40,000 issues were reported with reports starting at around 9 pm on Thursday.

Problems were recorded by Whatsapp users across the UK but particularly in London.

Of the problems reported, 52% relate to Server connection while 37% relate to sending messages and 11% relate to receiving messages.

One user took to Twitter to share a meme, writing: “Me going on Twitter to look at all the funny #Whatsapp memes bc it’s down again”

Alongside a picture of an upset man, another user tweeted: “Me realizing WhatsApp is down after restarting my WiFi 50 times and uninstalling the app 6 times !!


A third tweeted: “If you’re here to check if WhatsApp is down, Yes WhatsApp is Down. You’re welcome.”