Watch the incredible moment former US President Donald Trump storms out of an interview with Piers Morgan following a row over the “stolen” presidential election.

The 57-year-old former ITV presenter has posted a dramatic video trailer for his conversation with Mr Trump, which will air with the launch of his show, Piers Morgan Uncensored, next week.

The 30-second advert shows the two clash over Mr Trump’s claims that the last US election was rigged, and appears to show him storming off camera following what is promised to be “the most explosive interview of the year”.

Morgan’s 75-minute interview will be screened via TalkTV on Monday at 8pm.

This comes after Morgan also announced he will also be returning to ITV for the first time in more than a year, as a guest on the Lorraine show on Saturday.

Last year he made headlines after leaving the ITV breakfast show following an on-air clash with weather presenter Alex Beresford over the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Watch Donald Trump brand Piers Morgan a fool as he storms off set

Mr Trump shocked Morgan’s camera crew when he demanded the “TURN THE CAMERAS OFF” before branding Morgan “disloyal” and a “fool”.

Trump hit out at Piers branding him a “fake” to which Morgan replied: "No, I’m just brutally honest."

Trump replies: "I'm a very honest man, much more honest with you."

The chat came to an end when Trump fumed: "Let's finish up the interview. Turn the camera off. Very dishonest. This is so disloyal! After all I’ve done for you? Why would say all this about me?"

Addressing the incident, Morgan explained: "Trump ranted that he was far more honest than me, and again sneered that I wasn’t ‘real’ before haranguing me for exceeding our 20 minutes which was particularly disingenuous given that during all our previous interviews, he’d invariably decided exactly how long he wanted to keep talking."