Freeze The Fear, BBC One's brand new series is back for episode two with the celebrity contestants taking on a new Wim Hof challenge.

The new BBC show features a group of famous faces performing chilling challenges in sub-zero temperatures as set by 'The Ice Man' Wim Hof. 

Eight celebs have given up their home comforts to be guided through chilling challenges with the record-breaking Dutchman as he pushes their bodies to the limits.

This series' celebrity lineup includes Strictly Come Dancing's Dianne Buswell, Former EastEnders star Tamzin Outhwaite and singer Alfie Boe. 

Should you keep your heating on low all day?

Last week's show saw the celebs stripping down to their swimwear and jumping into a hole cut into a frozen lake.

The water temperature sat at two degrees above zero and there was a very real risk of hyperthermia within just minutes of entering the water. 

The contestants then had to abseil down a 500ft sheer icy cliff face in order to get to their new mountain home.

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Wim Hof's breathing exercise on Freeze The Fear

News Shopper: Wim Hof. Credit: PAWim Hof. Credit: PA

In the second episode of the six-part programme, the celebs attempt Wim Hof's signature breathing exercise. 

The challenge involves the celebs holding their breath for up to three minutes.

Hof, ‘The Ice Man’, has dedicated his life to showing others that they can achieve things they thought were impossible, by controlling his mind and body when running a half marathon above the Arctic circle barefoot, submerging himself in ice for 1hr 52 mins and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in just his shorts and shoes.

Hof designed the breathing technique to release deep emotions as part of his three-form method that also includes dealing with extreme cold and mindset.

If you want to try the Wim Hof technique from the comfort of your sofa, here's some steps you can follow, according to inform.

Wim recommends, in his book: The Wim Hof Method, that you try the technique on an empty stomach when you get up in the morning.

Please be safe, taking on only what is comfortable and be aware that you could experience light-headedness or even a tingling sensation in your body.

1. Sit in a comfortable meditation position so that you can breathe freely without being constricted.

2. Take 30 "power breaths", inhaling through the nose or mouth and exhaling through your mouth in steady powerful bursts. 

3. Breathe in one more time, filling your lungs and let the air out and hold for as long as you can without forcing it until you experience the gag reflex. 

4. Inhale until your lungs are at full capacity and then hold your breath for around 10 seconds. Repeat three more times if comfortable. 

5. Over time, the breathing technique should feel like meditation but take the time to recover from the exercise before adding other elements from the Wim Hof method.

Freeze The Fear airs on BBC One at 9pm on Tuesdays.