Beer brand GUINNESS has announced they will be launching a new iced cold drink at the perfect time for summer this week across the UK. 

The GUINNESS Cold Brew Coffee Beer brings together the iconic taste of the loved beer with the distinct coffee flavors from St James's Gate Brewery.

The drink had originally launched in America last year, and after seeing a huge success they decided to make the beer coffee available in the UK. 

Bst serviced iced cold, the Coffee Beer is brewed from organic coffee beans and is added to the GUINNESS Draught with undertones of chocolate and caramel from the first sip to the last.

Plus, if you have been trying to cut back your coffee intake but are desperate to try the new drink, then no need to panic as it has just 2mg of caffeine per can, making it the same as a decade coffee.

News Shopper: Guinness Cold Brew. (GUINNESS)Guinness Cold Brew. (GUINNESS)

If you fancy trying the new drink then you're in luck as it's available from today (April 19) in Tesco and other supermarkets across the UK later this year. 

Off-licenses and supermarkets including Sainsbury's, Morrison's, Waitrose, and Asda are all expecting the iced brew coffee beer in May and June.

John Burns, Head of GUINNESS GB said: “We are delighted to launch GUINNESS Cold Brew Coffee Beer in Great Britain this week, complementing traditional notes of GUINNESS Draught with a refreshingly modern new flavour to delight GUINNESS fans, and introduce our iconic beer to prospective new fans."