Prince William faced some backlash yesterday after he had been misquoted as saying that war in Ukraine was "alien" in Europe.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had met volunteers at the Ukrainian Cultural Centre in London, who were filling lorries with aid to support the humanitarian relief effort following the Russian invasion when the comment was misreported.

What was initially reported was that the Prince had described the conflict as "alien" to Europe, but in fact he said it was just "alien" for his "generation.

A video posted by Lizzie Robinson from ITV yesterday afternoon (Thursday, March 10) proved that.

In the video William, 39, said: “Everyone is horrified by what they are seeing. It’s really horrifying. The news every day, it’s just, it’s almost unfathomable…

“For our generation, it’s very alien to see this happening in Europe. But we’re all right behind you. We’re thinking about you. We feel so useless.”

Backlash had come on Twitter accusing the Prince of ignoring the conflict in the Balkans and the Irish troubles before the correction came in.

Richard Palmer, the Royal Reporter who filed the initial copy, apologised for the error.

He tweeted: "The Duke of Cambridge on war in Europe. He doesn’t appear to have compared it to conflicts in Africa and Asia. In the chaos, a remark he made was misheard, starting a social media storm. Apologies for reporting that online

This story was updated after the Press Association withdrew a quote it attributed to Prince William because a non-Pool PA reporter had misquoted what Prince William had said.