Danny Dyer has opened up about his personal battle with his mental health.

The Eastenders actor has been Queen Vic landlord Mick Carter since he first arrived on the BBC soap in 2013.

Before that he was known for playing hardman roles in films including Football Factory and The Business.

The 44-year-old actor who recently announced he will be leaving Eastenders, was speaking on the latest instalment of the Sorted with the Dyers podcast.

Dyer co-hosts the podcast with his daughter, Love Island star Dani, who started the show by saying her dad’s voice sounded more relaxed than usual.

Danny Dyer issues emotional plea to anyone struggling with their mental health

“I’ve had a tough week,” Danny replied before going on to explain that he’s been “a little f***** in the nut”.

He said: "I've had a tough week, mentally. You need to express it, this is what it's about now.

"We go through these times when we just don't know how the f**k we are, and we struggle being who we are.

"Whatever the f**k that is.

"It's been on me a little, my brain has been attacking me. It's really difficult, and I wanted to put that out there because I needed to do that."

Speaking directly to listeners, he said: "Anyone out there that is struggling, you've got to open your mouth and say it. Stop saying to people, 'I'm fine,' because if you're f***ing not then express it.

"Now I've expressed it, I feel slightly better. Still a little f***ed in the nut, not going to lie.

"But anyone out there who is with me, don't worry. I'm going through it as well."

Danny concluded: "It's OK and you will come through it."