The BBC's One hit drama This is Going to Hurt has taken audiences by storm with rave reviews and audience numbers in the high millions. 

One of the biggest questions being asked about the show is its filming location, with many wondering if it is really filmed in a working hospital. 

The show itself is based in London which seems to also be the main filming location for the BBC One Drama.

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Ahead of the filming, the cast and crew were set to shadow real NHS workers but whee stopped due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Where was This Is Going To Hurt Filmed?

The hospital-based drama was not allowed to film in a working hospital due to the pandemic.

Instead, the crew created a custom-built hospital set based in an unused university building in Miles End, London. 

Creating a triage area, operating theatre, and a labour ward where much of the show is based. 

Parts of the show based on Adam Kay's hit book were also filmed on the streets of London, including Bloomsbury Street Camden, and Marchmont Street.

This is Going To Hurt is on BBC One every Tuesday at 9pm and on iPlayer now.