Merlin Annual Pass has announced that its Passholder Days will be taking place this year and has released dates for LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort, Chessington World Of Adventures Resort, THORPE PARK Resort and Warwick Castle.

The Passholder Days will be held in March and are for customers who own a Merlin Pass.

Here’s a list of the Passholder Days and when they’re taking place.

How to book Passholder Day tickets

Passholders will need to book tickets for Passholder Days and the links needed to do this will be found on Facebook and via the Passholder Hub at the times listed below.

If you’re looking to book tickets to the Passholder Day at LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort, the first release of tickets will be available from Thursday February 17 at 12.30pm and the second release will be on Thursday February 24 at 12.30pm.

The first release of tickets for the Chessington World Of Adventures Resort Passholder Day will be on Friday February 18 at 12.30pm and the second release will be on Tuesday February 22 at 12.30pm.

For those wanting to buy tickets to the THORPE PARK Resort Passholder Day, they’ll be available on Tuesday March 1 at 12.30pm in the first ticket release and again on Thursday March 3 at 12.30pm.

Although the date for the Warwick Castle Passholder Day hasn’t been revealed yet, the first release of tickets will be on Tuesday March 22 at 12.30pm and the second ticket release is on Thursday March 24 at 12.30pm.

How to buy a Merlin Pass

To attend a Passholder Day, you will need to own a Merlin Pass and these are available to buy here via the Merlin Pass website.

The Merlin Pass is available to use at a variety of Merlin Entertainments’ attractions.

Several Merlin Pass memberships are available so if you’re not sure which one would best suit you, more information is available on the Merlin Pass website here.

The Discovery Pass is only available as an Annual Pass however the Silver Pass, Gold Pass and Platinum Pass are all available annually as well as monthly.

Each Pass comes with different benefits and prices, accommodating a variety of budgets.

You can buy a Merlin Pass via the website here and more information is available there too.