BBC The Apprentice star Amy Anzel has apologised to the LGBTQ+ community after she shared a tweet with a homophobic word. 

The contestant and beauty expert was in Manchester on Sunday afternoon and asked for advice on the best spots to visit along Canal Street. 

Following her time on the famous street, Amy was seen taking pictures with fans but later got too comfortable and tweeted a homophobic word. 

She quickly deleted the tweet following backlash from the community. 

Just a few hours after the original tweet was posted she deleted it and shared her apology with followers. 

Saying: "I just want to apologise to the people I’ve upset with a tweet I posted last night. As soon as it was pointed out, I took it down.

"It was taken from a conversation - and I was repeating what my friends were saying. I really meant no malice by it at all, it was meant with love."

The Apprentice star has previously referred to herself as the "queen of the gays" but has been accused of performative allyship by the fans of the show. 

With some followers commenting: "I know you don’t intend any malice but please stop using/treating us like a ‘token’ community. It’s not your place nor your privilege to use slurs like that. I know your intentions come from a good place but please do better ."

Anzel has not replied to the allegations from followers since the public apology. 

The Apprentice airs on BBC One Thursday's 9pm.