Sir Rod Stewart and his son have both pleaded guilty to battery but there won't be a trial, court records reveal.

The rock star, 73, and his son Sean Stewart,  41, have pleaded guilty to battery in an assault case after an incident took place on New Year's Eve with a security guard at the Breakers Hotel in Florida.

Both men entered guilty pleas to misdemeanour charges of simple battery, according to court documents that were released on Friday, December 17.

"No one was injured in the incident and a jury did not find Sir Rod Stewart guilty of the accusation," the singer's lawyer said in a statement.

News Shopper: Sir Rod Stewart walking. Credit:PASir Rod Stewart walking. Credit:PA

"Instead, Sir Rod Stewart decided to enter a plea to avoid the inconvenience and unnecessary burden on the court and the public that a high profile proceeding would cause."

Under the plea agreement which is dated and signed Monday 13 December, both men will not have to appear in court.

The formal adjudication of the charge has also been withheld and there won't be a trial.

This also means that they will not need to pay any fines, be under probation or indeed do any jail time.

The incident took place at the Florida hotel on Palm Beach on December 21 2019.

The Stewarts were refused entry to a private New Year's Eve party by one of the hotel's security guards, Jessie Dixon, before ending up in a physical altercation with him.

Rod Stewart punched Mr Dixon in the rib cage with a closed fist before his son shoved him, according to the court documents.

An email from a spokesperson for Palm Beach State Attorney who tried the case said that Mr Dixon agreed with the outcome.