Black Friday is just around the corner, which means top brands will be offering great discounts and deals. 

But it is also the time of year where there is a rise in scammers that use the time of year as an opportunity to trick people into giving away their money. 

To make sure you don't get caught out by any of the scams, finance company KIS Finance has created some handy tips to have a safe Black Friday. 

News Shopper: There is a rise in scammers this time of year. (PA)There is a rise in scammers this time of year. (PA)

Facebook and Instagram messaging scams

Be wary that some scammers can hack into users' accounts and use the accounts to send messages promoting certain products. 

Although it might look like they are promoting top and exclusive deals, for items they've brought at retailers they may be trying to trick you. 

To make sure you don't get caught out, you should check to see if the person that messaged you is someone you have regular contact with or if it's someone you never speak to. 

If you do receive a message, you should contact the person via another contact method to let them. 

Black Friday promotion phishing email

A phishing email is when scammers pose as a genuine retailer, company or bank in an attempt to steal personal information. 

As many retailers send out emails to their customers towards Black Friday m there are also many fake emails also being sent out. 

To avoid phishing emails look for a few tell-tale signs including the sender's email, make sure it's legit without any random numbers or spelling mistakes. 

News Shopper: Scammers hide behind screens. (PA)Scammers hide behind screens. (PA)

'There is a problem with your delivery' scam

This type of scam is very common, you may get an email or a text that says you missed delivery and to set up re-delivery via an attached link. 

When you click on the link it will take you to a site that looks a lot like the official company, however, it will just be used to steal your personal information.

If you do receive this type of message, you should search the official courier's website and use an official website. 

Then find your tracking number and find out where your package is and to see if you do need to re-book it. 

Fake retailers

Some scammers may even set up an entire retail website and advertise products that don't exist. 

The sites will have stolen images and descriptions from legitimate sites but all they want is your money. 

To avoid these dangerous sites, make sure you are using official sites, you'll know this as there will be a green padlock icon in the web address bar. 

If you have that padlock icon, then you're safe to spend away.