Actor and comedian, Matt Lucas has gained German citizenship and has already chosen a German football team to support. 

The Bake Off co-host was offered citizenship through his grandmother, who fled Berlin in 1938. 

Matt Lucas has previously discussed how his family fled Germany ahead of the Second World War as the Nazis began the persecution of Jewish people. 

Sharing a photo on Twitter of a pin badge with both British and German flags, he added that he was given some German gummy bears. 

In the tweet, Lucas said that "My grandma fled Berlin in 1938. Having been offered citizenship, I have just been to the German Embassy in London to collect my Certificate of Naturalisation.

"I am officially Anglo-German. They gave me some Gummibarchen and this lovely badge. Now to choose a German football team".

The first German football team to respond to Lucas's announcement was FC Union Berlin, commenting  "Willkommen!" (Welcome) to the Bake Off star.

Lucas quickly responded to the message, announcing he has "been claimed by Union Berlin, it seems. My new German team, then!"