The pub chain announced Wednesday that across its 671 pubs in England, they will be putting three 99p drinks back on the menu.

Despite costs rising in the UK, JD Wetherspoons has decided to slash the beverage price in a continued effort to get more of the public back in pubs, following the pandemic.

The now 99p drinks have been announced as a pint of Ruddles Best, a 25ml measure of Bell’s whisky with a mixer and a bottle of Becks.

Plus the chain will make all available hot drinks 99p and will have unlimited free refills as part of the company’s cuts.

News Shopper: Chairman Tim Martin hopes the prices will draw people back to pubs.Chairman Tim Martin hopes the prices will draw people back to pubs. (Image: PA)

Wetherspoons has also added that their 99 pubs across Scotland and Wales will sell Beck’s and Bell’s but will sell real ale instead of Ruddles Best at a price of £1.10 due to minimum unit price restrictions.

Why have the prices been cut?

Chairman of the pub chain Tim Martin said that the chain has always been known for its cheap prices and said the slash to drinks prices was to allow customers “to choose from a great choice of drinks and save themselves some money too”.

But not all pub bosses feel the same as Mr Martin, with some suggestion that pints may get more expensive as firms struggle with the raft cost rising.

Executive chairman of City Pub Group, Clive Watson said pint price could increase by 30p.

Telling the BBC that: “We cannot absorb all these increased costs, whether it is the energy costs, whether it is food inflation, whether it is labour costs. The only way forward for us is to put the price of food and beer up in our pubs”.