The World Cup of Stations is returning for its third year, as they look to find Britain’s favourite train station.

Organised by the Rail Delivery Group, the competition aims to celebrate the best stations that help the public travel to places and activities, as well as destination stations that keep people connected to their favourite shops and attractions.

The public are being called upon to nominate their favourite station, with voting having opened on Monday 20 September, which will close on Sunday 3 October.

When someone nominates a station there are 11 different categories you can select them for, of which you can pick up to three.

They range from Adventure (e.g. hiking, climbing, canyoning), to City Breaks (e.g. tourism, hotels, cafes) and even Enthusiasts ( e.g. train photography, rail history, heritage rail).

After that the group stages will occur from October 11-13 where four stations will be selected for each category with one winner from each making it through to the semi-finals on October 14.

The winner of each category will then go up against winners of other categories in four separate groups, leading to those four winners making it to the final on October 15.

A grand champion will then be announced.

How to nominate your favourite station

If you want to nominate a station for these awards then you need to head to the Rail Delivery Group website here to fill in the form.

You’re not limited to voting for one station either. You can vote for as many as like if you just fill in a new form.