Prince Philip was left “terribly upset” by a particular episode of The Crown, according to reports.

The Duke of Edinburgh died on Friday, April 9 aged 99.

The Duke has been portrayed by former Doctor Who star Matt Smith and more recently Tobias Menzies in the show’s four seasons so far.

In season two we see Prince Philip enrol his son, Prince Charles, at school. In this episode we see flashbacks to the Duke of Edinburgh’s childhood, particularly his sister’s death, and it was this episode “malicious” episode that left Philip feeling upset.

The episode shows how Prince Philip came to live in the UK after the death od Princess Cecille of Greece and Denmark in a plane disaster.

In the show, Philip’s father blames him for her death saying: "You are the reason we are all here, burying my favourite child.”

Royal experts told the Mail that the Duke was deeply hurt by the way this part of his life was played out on screen.

Royal insiders branded the scene “most egregious” and called on Netflix to apologise.

"Cecilie did die in an air crash but that’s the only thing that was true," a royal expert told the Mail.

"Everything else was invented in a shockingly malicious way.

"It was terribly upsetting to him.

"They (Netflix) should emphatically apologise and I think a disclaimer is necessary more than ever.

"Now that he is gone, what they have done to his reputation is in even sharper relief."

Another expert added: "How disgraceful it was to turn Prince Philip into a caricature person – never doing any work in the series.

"The depiction was cruel and deeply unfair. The least Netflix could do was to alert viewers with a disclaimer."