Do any of your readers have any information on Grace Darling?

She was famous many years ago and my late mother, Daphne Smith from Kimberley, South Africa, always said we were related to Grace Darling on my father's side.

My father was Eric Watson from Durban, South Africa. He flew Hurricanes and Spitfires for the RAF in 1945. I was told this might have been in Sudan.

His sister Yvonne Darling Botha (nee Watson) was named after Grace Darling, I believe. Yvonne still lives in Zimbabwe and is retired.

Their parents were from Scotland Edinburgh and Fife. Sadly, I have never met Yvonne who must be in her 80s.

After a bitter divorce in 1959 our family split unfortunately and I would love information to connect my family with Grace Darling. I would also be interested in any memorabilia anyone has.

I would love to solve the puzzle.

Cheryl Watson
Ross Road
South Norwood