A new family-run grocery store and off licence has opened in Verdant Lane in Lewisham.

Businessman Mehmet Anush, 26, opened Shopping Point on Sunday (January 7) and said the reaction has been "unbelievable".

His family used to own cafes in Lambeth and they live in Suffolk but they believe there was a gap in the market in Lewisham for a grocery store.

Mr Anush told News Shopper: "I don't think there is anything else local that sells the products all in one place like we do. We sell fruit, vegetables, frozen food, alcohol, dairy products and soft drinks all in the one store.

"The area is perfect. I was in shock with the reaction from people who are very pleased this is now in their local area.

"Customers who have lived here 15 years have said there has been nothing like this here before and there has been a lot of comments on how cheap we are compared to high street markets."

The shop is open seven days a week from 6am until 11pm.

Mr Anush encouraged people in Lewisham to visit the shop.

He said: "We would like to meet everyone in the local area so they can check our prices and see what we have on offer. It has been great so far."

Shopping Point is located oppose the Shell Petrol station on Whitefoot Lane.