Potentially dangerous cladding on three towers in New Cross have been removed after they failed fire safety tests.

Following the devastating Grenfell Tower fire on June 14 that killed 71 people, fire safety checks were run on a number of buildings that had external cladding.

Towers in Hatfield Close and Gerrard House were inspected and found to fail government fire safety tests, with owner Lewisham Homes immediately introducing a 24-hour fire patrol service after the publication of the results.

Val Jarman, who lives in one of the towers, said: “I feel so much better now the cladding is off and knowing I can sleep safely in my bed.

“It’s been up for 17 years and taking it off has been a hassle but we’re grateful to Lewisham Homes for being on the ball and keeping us safe.”

Removal of the cladding began on October 4 and finished earlier this month, with more work being needed to repair the building ahead of new insulation and materials being installed.

Ainsley Forbes, chairman of Lewisham Homes’ Board, said: “The safety of our residents is a top priority and we were determined to do this as quickly as possible – but there could be no quick wins.

“We needed time to plan the work and make sure it was done properly. We are now offering financial assistance to residents to help with their increased energy bills as a result of the insulation and cladding being removed.”