Fear has gripped a Deptford estate with a double murderer still on the loose after a father and daughter were strangled.

Convicted sex offender Noel Brown, 69, and daughter Marie Brown, 41, were found dead in his flat in the early hours of Monday (December 4).

Police officers could be seen patrolling the estate where flowers and candles have been left at the scene.

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One note said: "It's impossible to understand why anyone would do this to you Marie and your dad.

"I will never forget your beautiful smile, sense of fun and kind heart.

"God bless you and your girls, who are in my thoughts/prayers."

Noel Brown was found strangled in his home alongside his daughter.

Detectives investigating the deaths believe Marie disturbed the attackers as they attempted to dismember her father's body

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New Butt Lane, where Noel lived, remains sealed off with a police van parked outside.

Father-of-three Kwabine Baffoe-Haizel, 48, said: "It is shocking, because it's too close to us, so you become worried.

"We don't know what killed the person, all we know is two people have died. It is strange."

The assistant church pastor added: "We need more police around here.

"Sometimes my wife comes home late at night. If this is happening, it is scary."

A 52-year-old man, who did not want to be named, said: "I have never seen him. But I have been told he was a family man, who lived by himself.

"It's put a whole feeling in the atmosphere, because there's a double murderer walking amongst us.

"That's the most worrying thing. There's still a double murderer out there."

The man, who has lived in the area for 20 years, said Noel kept a low profile which was probably because of his conviction and that his murderer may have sought vengeance.

He said: "There are some people who go through the most vengeful things for years.

"If it's not for money, it has got to be something like that.

“He is an elderly man. He isn't someone who is going to be getting into problems with the young men on the street.

"For something so drastic, to come and kill you and your daughter, what is going to make a person do something like that? Vengeance.

"The neighbours heard screaming, but they didn't do anything about it, because people are always screaming late at night."

Detective Superintendent Paul Monk said Mr Brown’s conviction is 1999 was not “screaming out” as a motive, nor did he believe he was killed because of a large gambling win.

Met Police said no arrests have been made and the investigation continues.