Concerns have been raised over the amount of streetlights dimmed or switched off at night in London. has revealed data which shows that more than 57,000 street lights are dimmed every night causing Londoners to worry for their safety.

The research also shows that 35 per cent of drivers dread the clocks going back this weekend because of the darker nights, and council switching off street lights.

Across the UK two million lights are dimmed or switched off, which also affects those walking or cycling home. has created a map which details the darker places in the UK - in a bid to help drivers find different routes.

Amanda Stretton, motoring editor at, says: “Our street lighting map really puts into perspective the darkness faced by drivers while driving at night. And with the clocks going back this Sunday, evenings are only going to get darker – especially in rural areas.”

79 per cent of people say that their visibility of the road is compromised when street lights are switched off and they feel nervous about driving at night. has launched a driving in the dark safety guide which provides top tips for safer driving during the darker hours.

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