Is your phone making you rude? A new study shows that your smartphone could be giving you bad manners.

And Carphone Warehouse has reported that 72 per cent of people agreed.

From terrible ringtones to googling through dinner, Brits hate bad manners, but have we become what we hate?

The research shows that having loud and personal phone conversations in front of others is the nation's biggest bugbear.

It also shows that 41per cent of people get annoyed by people who walk and text without looking up.

Since the new millennium we have been told that mobile phones scramble our brains, so why is it the nation's must have gadget?

The issue now is that, because we can take our phone everywhere, we can now text and walk getting in people's way, we can look at Facebook whilst on a date and we can even send someone money via a text message.

Today, 71per cent of adults own a smartphone with the ability to browse the internet and connect on social media across the world.

So what do you think? Has the rise of the smartphone has made us rude?