PLANS for a skateboarding park in New Cross have been delayed after campaigners threatened legal action to stop the build.

Sophie Beswick, Imogen Slater, Sarah Hews and Jacqui Shimidzu formed Skate Park Action Group in October last year after residents complained about their sons skating in the street.

Original designs were for the upper park of Telegraph Hill but a campaign group against the idea forced the plans to move to the lower park.

Now a new group has formed to save the lower park and are threatening legal action to stop the build.

Valerie Hedges, of Kitto Road, New Cross, is against the skate park and says noise will be a problem.

The 75-year-old added: “This is a very busy road and people coming out of the park are at their peril. We are going to get a lot of teenagers and I can see a bad accident happening.”

At the Telegraph Hill local assembly on September 21, 72 people voted against the designs while 196 supported the plans.

Mrs Beswick of Waller Road, New Cross, said: “It’s now proven there is a majority in favour of the skate park.

“We are trying to urge people to write to the mayor and councillors stating they are for it.”

Eight youngsters were awarded £47,000 in March from the Youth Opportunities fund, a government grant.

But they will lose the funding if a decision is not made by March next year for the location of the skate park.

The proposals will now go to a Lewisham Council Mayor and Cabinet meeting on November 3.