Plans have been signed off for another film studio to come to Greenwich as the borough is starting to look like Hollywood-on-Thames.

A church is set to make way for the studio under the plans from Helix 3D – a set construction firm.

It’s the second film studio to be approved after February’s plans for a new “world-leading” virtual production studio in Plumstead were backed by the council.

These come on top of other plans that have seen the borough expand its creative sector in recent years.

Greenwich Council’s Planning Board voted through the plans at a meeting on Wednesday.

It will see a warehouse being used as a church demolished in place for the new studio on Nathan Lane in Thamesmead.

The church has used the site for 17 years but has been offered the chance to stay on site both during and after the building of the studio.

At ground-floor level there would be five individual studios along with workshop and office space.

Council documents show the plans brought a range of supportive comments from those in the creative industry.

One unnamed person said: “[I] relish the possibility of a facility that will be so well equipped this side of London. Almost all of these state-of-the-art facilities are built or being built on the fringes of West London.”

Another said that the proposal “could make Greenwich a global research and filming hub for advanced next generation filming technologies, subject to the support of the Council.”

Helix 3D co-founder Brian Dowling told Greenwich’s Planning Board: “We’ve educated and trained dozens of people, we’ve always paid high wages and we’ve always paid our debt.

“I can tell you what this project is not.

"It is not a flimsy shed financed by a soulless asset manager based in a tax haven.

"This is not another exercise in rinsing every penny out a premium industrial land, and this is not a warehouse employing six people on minimum wage.

“We began doing set construction for film and TV 23 years ago. Covid hit our business immediately and hard – we lost all of our event work. We lost 90 per cent of our business overnight.”

Mr Dowling went on to explain how his company recovered from the Covid pandemic, and how it will create a “positive workplace” in Greenwich.

This is the latest major development in the creative sector that has come to Greenwich.

Woolwich is in the middle of big redevelopment plans, with a new cinema and arts centre planned for the town.

Before that work began, the new cultural venue Woolwich Works opened in September 2021.

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