Furious cyclists staged lay down in front of Woolwich Town Hall to protest the number of people on bikes dying on the roads in Greenwich.

The Die-in yesterday evening at 6pm had a group of around 60 cyclists with their bikes lie down on the road to try draw attention to how unsafe they felt the roads were around the borough.

Three cyclists died in the space of three weeks in south east London, with the final straw being the death of Edgaras Cepura on the busy A102 roundabout coming up to the Blackwall Tunnel approach on May 18.

The death was even more crushing as the roundabout, dubbed locally as the ‘Crossing of Death’, was along the path of the planned Cycle Superhighway 4 (CS4).

CS4 could have made the path safer for cyclists and part of the protesters demand is to hasten the process of bringing in the cycle superhighway to the borough faster.

Stop Killing Cyclists co-founder Donnachadh McCarthy said: “Month after month pedestrians and people cycling are suffering horrific deaths by blindly driven HGVs. It is time the mayor made blind-spot CCTV mandatory for trucks sharing our streets with people walking and cycling.”

New Greenwich Council leader Danny Thorpe will be meeting with Heidi Alexander, Sadiq Khan's new deputy mayor for transport, to discuss emergency measures to improve safety for cyclists.

Cllr Thorpe said: “The superhighway is the best way forward in making this busy route better and safer for cyclists and essential road users, but we need to identify measures we can implement ahead of CS4 that give greater protection to cyclists.

“We are actively encouraging our residents to take up cycling and an essential part of that is making the roads safer for bicycle users.”