Shocked witnesses took to Facebook after they saw a group of teenage girls appearing to taunt a homeless man by promising to buy him Nando's then running off before paying for the meal.

Sally Cudmore was one of the people who said they saw the group of girls at the Nando's in Woolwich on Wednesday (January 3) around 8pm and was “appalled” by what she saw.

Speaking to News Shopper, she said: “I do a lot of work for homeless when I saw this homeless man he was being brought into Nando's by the girls.

“The whole place was looking at them because they were very loud and said 'we are going to buy you something to eat'.

“They said they were going outside to have a cigarette and after waiting for a while he went up to the counter and they said no, they hadn’t ordered anything for him.

“When he went outside they said 'no we are not ordering for you at all' – they were just laughing and calling him a 'skaghead'.

“It was absolutely appalling, laughing at him, they started antagonising him and recording him on Snapchat.”

When Ms Cudmore posted what she saw on Facebook, numerous other people commented saying they too had seen what happened and condemned the teenagers’ actions, calling them a “disgrace” and “evil”, and the post was shared thousands of times.

Sandra Smith wrote: “They are a disgrace to themselves hopefully their family will see fit to deal with them.”

People who claimed to be the teenagers in the incident waded into the conversation and said the man in question had made inappropriate sexual advances to them.

Ms Cudmore said she does not believe them. She said: “I looked around and saw he went through Sainsbury’s. I took him sandwiches and he was crying and so depressed.

“All I can say is what I saw. They were following him and harassing him.”

Woolwich Nando's confirmed the incident took place and police were informed. News Shopper has contacted Met Police for comment.