If you have ever walked your dog in Woolwich, you may have spotted this man taking his pet out for a stroll.

Mike Williams, from the News Shopper Camera Club, spotted him out for a walk with his faithful companion and the picture prompted others to come forward saying they had seen the Snake Man too.

News Shopper was able to get in touch with the man himself, although he is unsure about the nickname.

“They call me the snake man, which is not a good name because I am not a snake” he said.

His name is Wilson Mudua and he was inspired to get a snake for himself after he was let hold one by a man he met in central London.

Wilson said: “He charged me for a hold. I used to have a lot of fear and when I held it the fear melted away.

“Now I have two myself: a boa constrictor and a royal python. This snake’s name is Hench. I have had him five years now.”

While he doesn't take Hench the Boa Constrictor out for walks much during the winter, he can regularly be spotted around Woolwich with the snake wrapped around his body.

You might think taking an animal out for a walk is difficult when that creature has no legs, but Wilson said it has some benefits.

“Sometimes I save on my heating by taking it out because it’s warm. People like it when they see us and people like to hold him. I am helping a lot of people who have fear. After a little time people know me.

“They are looked after. Now they are in a vivarium – during the winter they are not out but when it is 25 to 28 degrees you can take them out for a little bit.”