Dodgy landlords in Greenwich are being told there is nowhere to hide as London’s first “name and shame” database to help private renters is launched.

Greenwich is one of the first 10 boroughs who, along with the London Fire Brigade, have added their records to the database, which shows successful prosecutions and civil enforcement action.

The scheme, launched by Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, is hoped to give prospective tenants – of whom in the first 10 boroughs there are 600,000 – the chance to check a landlord before renting, and act as a deterrent to less scrupulous landlords.

Polly Neate, CEO of Shelter, said: “The dearth of affordable homes in London is forcing desperate people to rent from a minority of rogue landlords who repeatedly exploit their tenants, so it’s great to see the Mayor’s plan to publicly name and shame these offenders put into action.

“We now want the same safeguards in place for renters right across the country. If the government is serious about making rogue landlords a thing of the past, it must make good on the promise to create a national database.”

The system will also allow tenants to report landlords they suspect of malpractice, and have records from three national organisations offering free services to resolve disputes.

Mr Khan wants the government to roll the scheme out nationally.

He said: “The housing market in London is difficult enough for Londoners to navigate, without those landlords and letting agents who behave unscrupulously leaving tenants living in appalling conditions, despite often paying sky-high rents.

“I promised to do everything within my powers to help Londoners facing this problem. I will not stand by while they are exploited.

“Many landlords and agents across London offer a great service, but sadly some don’t. My new database is about empowering Londoners to make informed choices about where they rent, and sending rogue operators a clear message: you have nowhere to hide.”

The Rogue Landlord Checker can be found at