Customers were left feeling blue over the weekend after an unlimited cheese festival in Greenwich 'ran out of cheese'.

The Giant Cheese Board, advertised as an unlimited cheese fest, promised to take revellers to “cheesey heaven” at Studio 338, Boord Street, this weekend.

However, those in attendance claimed they were left without and were underwhelmed because of the un-brie-levable experience.

As well as unlimited cheese, the promoters had promised free mulled wine, giant mice to help guests navigate the Cheese Board and a fireplace to snuggle by.

But many people who paid more than £30 took to Twitter and Facebook to claim the festival only served five types of cheese- of which they ran out.

One Twitter user said: "The only thing giant about this cheese board was that it was a total giant waste of time. Five different types of cheese are you f*****g kidding me, no giant Camembert, ran out of bread, chorizo, crackers, grapes, cold mulled wine, 90 minute wait to get in.

"It was truly shocking! I was embarrassed to be queuing for 30 minutes for a crappy bit of cheese that was being cut and dumped on plates as we waited as they had run out."

Another said: "We had to queue for 30 minutes to get some cheese and when we got to the cheese station, there were only two kinds available. People had to take bits of cheese as they were being sliced as the servers kept on running out."

In an open letter, James Royston wrote: "I'm fortunate enough to count myself among the hordes of people that were part of this years seasonal disaster story, I truly am blessed to be part of history."

He added: "The Cheese - there was cheese absolutely, if you're happy to set aside the 30min queue to get some, there was cheese. If you're also to set aside the slightly unsavory serving technique, I'm not personally a fan of lumps of cheese that look as if they've been processed through a wood chipper and served from disposable tin foil plates in a waiter/waitresses hands - there was cheese.

"The selection of cheese was I imagine a disappointment for anyone going to, say, a cheese event, with five choices to my eye - although I will freely admit I did not fight to the front of every scrum, sorry, "cheese station".

"I think the ability to get cheese was entirely dependent on your timing, and by that I mean had enough people given up and gone home by the time you got hungry - there was cheese. So I think it would be fair for people to be unhappy with; the quantity, variety, quality and/or service style.

"The Mulled Wine - again absolutely there was mulled wine, and like anything good it required a little patience and dedication.

"Unfortunately it wasn't good, the patience was 45mins and the dedication was stomaching cold watered down mulled wine completely devoid of taste."

Mr Royston also took issue with the staff's costumes.

He wrote: "You organised two men dressed as Tom the Cat from Tom & Jerry and had some of the female staff wearing mouse ears, while most staff simply looked as cold and uninspired as your customers."

Many people were outraged that they had not been able to have Camembert.

Event organisers denied the mass criticism in a length statement on Facebook, which said: "If we felt that we had not provided any of the things included in your entry price then we'd be the first to hold our hands up and apologise but this is simply NOT the case!

"There are 11 different cheese stations serving all day and night with totally unlimited amounts of cheese throughout. Again, this is documented in photos and videos across the whole weekend. If you decided to leave after 30 minutes then of course, we couldn't give you unlimited cheese! You'd bought a ticket for a 6 hour event!

"None of the cheeses ran out, and there were mountains of cheese all throughout the event and right up until the end. Just as promised...totally unlimited. Again, if you only stayed for a very short period of time, how can we ensure you have the unlimited cheese we had provided for everyone over the 6 hour sessions?"

However, despite the organisers rebuttal - which also defended the mulled wine - visitors have been demanding refunds and comparing Giant Cheese Board to the notorious Fyre Festival in the Bahamas, where festival-goers were left stranded on an unprepared music music site, finding tents and pre-packaged sandwiches.

The Cheese Board organisers admitted the halloumi and Camembert chef had fallen ill the night before the event, but claimed this was an additional option and not included in the ticket price.

A defence was also offered for the entertainment which had also been blasted by cheesed off attendees.

The organisers had not responded to News Shopper's request for comment at the time of writing.