Not everyone is happy about massive regeneration plans for the centre of Woolwich, especially when it pushes out current businesses.

The NHS Woolwich Dental Practice is struggling to get a new home within the town and has said the council has made it hard to relocate.

Greenwich Council has been working on the new plans to regenerate the Spray Street area, including a cinema, shops, restaurants, offices and up to 750 new homes.

The council has said the plans are close to being ready for submission for planning permission, but Dr Fariba Fekrazad said she does not want to move from the town.

She said: “We are based in the heart of Woolwich town centre close by the DLR and in the future, the new cross rail, providing service to 19,000 patients.

“My duty as a medical professional is to provide care for my patients, they are my main priority. Losing my business would not only affect 19,000 members of our community, but affect my patient’s health as well as my own.”

Dr Fekrazad started a petition to save her NHS dental practice and so far it has almost 250 signatures.

She said: “A petition has been set up so that we can prove to the council that moving out of Woolwich is not beneficial to us or our patients.

“The more support I can get, the more chance I can save my business and be able to continue my care for my patients.”

Mushab Malik is a patient at Woolwich Dentist Practice and said: “I’ve been with dentist for a few years and it’s a perfect place easy to get to from where I live and it would be a shame for it close and move.

“It’s very hard to find dentist we can trust and these people are like family now so please save this practice.”

The council has said it is working with businesses to help find them new premises, but warned that “no one business can be prioritised over another”.

A spokesperson for Greenwich Council said: “The Dental Practice provides a very important service to local residents and is an asset to Woolwich Town Centre. The Council has met with the practice for in-depth discussions about their future business needs and aspirations and will continue this dialogue.

“The Council wishes to see the Dental Practice remain in the town centre, has listened to their case and is working to find a solution.

“Further detailed discussions with all landowners and businesses will continue throughout 2018, alongside the determination of the planning application for the redevelopment, with the intention that the first phase of development can commence in 2020.”