What started out as a simple Facebook thank-you message to a friendly staff member at the local Co-Op turned into an outpouring of support from the village and fundraiser for their future.

When Natasha Moten left a message on the New Eltham Village Facebook page about a young man who worked at the till of the New Eltham Co-Op, she had only wanted to say thank-you for always being friendly ahead of him leaving.

She wrote: “He’s an absolutely lovely guy, nothing is too much trouble and you are lucky to have him represent your store. He’s full of thank yous, have a nice day, and even my 12 year old son said ‘isn’t he a lovely bloke?’.”

She didn’t even know his name, but instantly the people of New Eltham knew who she was talking about.

Rob Sayers wrote: “I know who you are talking about (not his name). I think he is genuinely great at his job. It's not just a put on show to keep his job either.”

Nichola Martin wrote “Amazing guy - me and my little girl go in the Co-Op every weekday morning for a croissant for her and his so lovely and happy and polite he makes me and Evie smile.

“On Halloween he gave Evie a cake to take into school for free - apparently his boss had gave him two to give out to two children during the day.

“Evie was over the moon. He will be very much missed by us both.”

Amy Haxton wrote: “Awww, I know who you mean and I completely agree, his parents should be very proud that they've raised such a decent young man.”

Quickly the outpouring of nice messages spread and and they eventually reached the man himself – Jerome Kadine Humes from Plumstead.

Jerome was set to start a new career as a teaching assistant and Natasha started a fundraiser to help him on his new journey.

It originally started with a £200 goal but more than doubled that within two days and it’s still rising.

Valecia Larmond, Jerome’s mum, also got wind of the thread. She wrote: “No words can describe how PROUD I am to be the mother of Jerome Kadine Humes especially at this very moment and time.

“I am so overwhelmed with your beautiful comments and kind gestures written about my son.

“Anyone who knows Jerome will agree he has a genuine kind warm loving heart for ALL people. He is kind, considerate, caring and thoughtful. Always smiling and willing to help others when he can.

“Doesn't like to see anyone looking despondent hence he keeps me going with his jokes and zest for life. I am proud to say also he is an example to many young men.”

Finally the man of the hour himself appeared. Jerome wrote: “Thank you so much everyone, I am absolutely gobsmacked and overwhelmed by this.

“This does not even feel real at all, I am so touched by this honestly, this means so much to me, I just go to work to be myself and love interacting with people.

“There’s nothing more rewarding than showing your mother something positive happening in your life, seeing her smile after showing her this truly made my year. Thank you so much again.”