Teachers and staff at a Greenwich Academy have stepped out of the classrooms and onto the streets for a second day of strike action.

Staff at Charlton Park Academy went on strike today (November 9) and on Tuesday over sick pay arrangements.

Teachers who were members of the GMB and the National Education Union picketed outside the school over disagreements over sick pay.

Staff also went on strike action earlier this year, in July and October, but are still “angry” at the lack of progress in their dispute.

Clive Smith, GMB regional officer, said: “If they are off sick for a couple of months, people will have to choose between paying their bills or eating meals. This is an unacceptable way to treat committed staff helping to educate and look after pupils with complex needs.

“Staff here are justifiably angry. This dispute started in shirt sleeves in the summer and will continue in winter coats. The staff are not backing down and we are behind them 100 per cent.

“It’s time for Charlton Park Academy to treat their staff with respect and come to ACAS with serious intention to resolve this dispute.”

Talks are set to start again on November 13 between Charlton Park Academy Trust and trade unions to try end the dispute.

Mark Dale Emberton, Principal of Charlton Park Academy Trust, said: "CPA remain hopeful that a reasonable and fair settlement can be reached next week. All sides must establish a middle ground and resolve matters.

"All schools and academies in the UK are facing significant reductions in income and significant increases in costs. CPA spends approximately 90% of resources on staffing.

"To set aside the resources that TU want us to fund sick pay, reductions in staffing hours or numbers will have to occur to balance our books.

"CPA trustees highly value the excellent staff workforce. Legally we must balance income and expenditure like all schools and charities in the UK."