October has been a busy month for judges dealing with offenders in south east London and north Kent.

Some of the people jailed this month have committed unspeakable acts. Others have committed crimes that are not as shocking but have caused real damage to people's lives all the same.

From child killing to burglary, here is a run down of people who have been sent to prison this October:

Terrence Barry

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Terrence Barry, 44, of no fixed address was jailed after a man from Gravesend was shot on his driveway.

Barry was tried at Blackfriars Crown Court. He was found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder and was sentenced to 18 years in prison on October 26.

The murder of Mr Naylor happened 16 years ago when a masked man shot him four times on his driveway.

Barry, who was known as Terrence Richardson at the time, fled to Spain after the killing before returning in 2013. He was arrested with the three other suspects on March 7, 2017.

Robert Blackwell, 52, from Plaistow, London, and David Carvell, 52, from Colchester in Essex, were both found not guilty by the jury while the case against a fourth suspect was dismissed at an earlier hearing.

Harvey Turner

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Harvey Turner, 18, was jailed for trying to break into properties around Orpington and Beckenham.

Turner, of Hither Green Lane, Hither Green, pleaded guilty to two attempted burglaries.

Turner appeared at Croydon Crown Court on October 24, and was sentenced to 26 months in prison.

Lennox Appiah

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Lennox Appiah was jailed for stabbing his friend to death in front of the victim’s six-month-old daughter.

He drove up to Rene Richardson’s home on April 10 and sat in a friend’s car.

The court heard he had armed himself with a knife and waited outside to murder the 24-year-old dad who thought of him as his friend.

When dad-of-two Rene walked to the car at 4.20pm and put his daughter inside, Appiah got out and repeatedly attacked him with his knife.

He was sentenced at the Old Bailey on Wednesday, October 25, to life imprisonment to serve a minimum of 17 years.

Marvyn Iheanacho

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Marvyn Iheanacho, 39, was jailed for battering a five-year-old boy to death in a Catford park for losing a trainer.

Iheanacho, of Wesley Avenue, Hounslow, flew into a rage and subjected his girlfriend's son Alex Malcolm to a brutal attack in Mountsfield Park.

Witnesses heard a child's fearful voice saying "sorry", loud banging and a man screaming about the loss of a shoe.

Alex suffered fatal head and stomach injuries and died in hospital two days later.

Iheanacho, who was in a relationship with Alex's mother Lilya Breha, was convicted of murder at Woolwich Crown Court.

The jury of seven men and five women found him guilty of murder on July 21.

Judge Mark Dennis QC sentenced Iheanacho to life in prison on Tuesday July 25.

Annebel Nwanebi

Annebel Nwanebi was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment after she pretended to be homeless to gain accommodation.

Nwanebi, formerly of Pembroke Road, did not have legal status in the UK, but fraudulently claimed to be the homeless partner of Charles Douglas, a European national entitled to housing.

The case was heard at the Inner London Crown Court in August.

Ms Nwanebi was found guilty of making false representations to obtain accommodation and sentenced to 18 months imprisonment.

Quoc Tuan Tran and Tarn Tuan-Tu

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Quoc Tuan Tran and Tarn Tuan-Tu were jailed after a 'huge cannabis factory' was found in Bexleyheath.

Quoc Tuan Tran, 25, of Harris Road, Bexleyheath was jailed for 14 months at Woolwich Crown Court on July 26 and Tarn Tuan-Tu, 18, of no fixed address, was jailed for 18 months following a later hearing in the West Midlands.

Tran pleaded guilty to the production of class B drugs and abstracting electricity. Tuan Tu was found not guilty, with a jury accepting the defence he was just visiting the house.

Tuan-Tu was later sentenced to 18 months imprisonment for an earlier offence of producing class B drugs in the West Midlands, having gone on the run and failed to appear on bail.

Kenneth Eyre

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Kenneth Eyre was jailed after heroin, cocaine and ecstasy were found in his New Cross tower block apartment, in Lewisham, by police.

When police executed the drugs warrant on January 13, they found a substantial amount of heroin, cocaine and ecstasy stashed around the property.

Officers also uncovered a significant amount of cash and a stash of counterfeit €50 notes.

Two men were arrested and later charged with 12 offences of drug dealing and possession of counterfeit currency.

Eyre, 33, of New Cross, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply drugs, possession of criminal proceeds and possession of counterfeit currency.

He was jailed at Woolwich Crown Court on September 29 to 30 months behind bars.

Craig Adisi

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Craig Adisi was jailed for organising a violent kidnapping and dumping his victim on the side of the road.

Adisi, 31, of Kenward Road, Eltham, texted his victim to meet him outside his home in Sheerwater, Surrey, in March.

The victim got into the vehicle, which was being driven by someone who he did not know, before two men climbed in either side of him and trapped him.

Adisi became aggressive and demanded money from the victim who was then subjected to a violent assault whilst he was being driven around.

Adisi, was found guilty of kidnap, GBH with intent, robbery and theft and was sentenced at Guildford Crown Court on Friday, October 13 to 15 years in prison.

Justina Steigvilaite

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Justina Steigvilaite conned victims into paying for a flat that already had tenants living in it.

Steigvilaite, 31, of Parkway in Erith, scammed more than £3,000 in a two-month stint where she showed potential tenants around a flat in Parrock Street, Gravesend, a court heard.

However, when the victims attempted to move into the property they found that Steigvilaite was not the landlord and and the flat already had people living in it.

Steigvilaite pleaded to eight counts of fraud and was sentenced to two years imprisonment at Maidstone Crown Court on Monday, October 9.

Calvin Lumedo

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Calvin Lumedo was jailed after he threw a stash of drugs over a wall as he tried to run from police.

Lumedo, 21, formerly of Anerly Road, Norwood, had been seen acting suspiciously in Wycliffe Road and tried to flee from officers - but he was found with £346 in cash and a mobile phone with text messages asking for drugs.

He had also tried to throw 31 wraps of crack and heroin over a wall prior to being arrested on January 2 this year according to police.

Appearing before Maidstone Crown Court on October 4, Lumedo pleaded guilty to charges of possessing heroin with intent to supply and of possessing crack cocaine with intent to supply.

He was sentenced to three years and 10 months imprisonment.

Christopher Clement

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Christopher Clement was jailed for killing a man by driving the wrong way down the M20 whilst twice over the legal limit.

Clement, 37, formerly of Warnham Grove, Orpington, killed his passenger Mohammed Chowdhury when he drove his Toyota Corolla head-on into a Volkswagen Touareg in the early hours of March 4 this year.

The crash happened between junctions three and four. Police said it appeared Clement didn’t know he was on the wrong side of the motorway.

Clement appeared at Maidstone Crown Court on October 18 where he pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving. He was sentenced to five years and four months in prison.

John Mulligan

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John Mulligan was jailed after he smashed into a pedestrian while travelling at 52mph in a 30mph zone in Deptford.

Mulligan, 33, of Southerngate Way, New Cross, drove a high-powered Volkswagen Golf TSI-R along Creek Road before pulling up alongside a BMW at traffic lights.

CCTV showed the two cars speeding away from the lights, and as they approached Creek Bridge, Mulligan pulled ahead. He then hit a pedestrian and killed him.

Mulligan was sentenced at Woolwich Crown Court to four years in prison after being found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving while speeding. He was disqualified from driving for six years.