A Charlton council flat has been closed after a raft of complaints that it was rife with drug and alcohol abuse.

Neighbours complained to Greenwich Council about the commotion caused by the tenant at Gollogly Terrace and his visitors.

These complaints included numerous episodes of shouting, screaming and swearing coming from the flat, often accompanied by violent banging and smashing noises.

There were also reports of drunken behaviour and suspected drug abuse at the property.

Under anti-social behaviour laws, the council placed a closure order on the flat on October 9.

This means it is now a criminal offence to enter or remain at the flat and anyone who does so could face up to a year in prison.

Now the council flat has been completely locked up and it is now covered in signs warning people it illegal to enter or stay there.

Councillor Jackie Smith, cabinet member for community safety and environment, said: "We received a large number of complaints from neighbours concerned about the activities in and around these premises.

“The application was made due to continued acts of anti-social behaviour in and around the flat including alcohol and drug misuse, noise nuisance, threatening and intimidating behaviour.

“The royal borough is committed to protecting the public and tackling any behaviour which has a negative impact on the community.

“Our tenants and other residents in the area have a right to live in their homes without the fear of encountering violent behaviour or substance abuse.”

“We did try and deal with the problems but our warning letters and requests for meetings to resolve the problems at this property were ignored.

“We hope that this closure order sends out a strong message that behaviour which ruins the quality of life for other people in Royal Greenwich will not be tolerated.”