Bromley students thanked their lucky stars after a visit to NASA in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

A group of 28 students from Harris Girls’ Academy in Beckenham went to learn about the logistics of a space launch.

During the trip the girls tried climbing an anti-gravity wall and went spinning on a multi-axis trainer.

The group also visited the Kennedy Space Centre, where they learnt about the history of space travel and NASA.

The girls spoke to former NASA astronaut Jon McBride about his experiences in space.

Verity, a Year 11 student, said:“This once in a lifetime opportunity has truly shown me the fun in science. This trip was jam-packed with amazing activities every day.”

David Astin, Principal of Harris Girls’ Academy Bromley, said: “This was a fantastic educational opportunity for our students, allowing them to see real space technology up close and giving them the chance to ask a former astronaut about his voyages.

“We know that it is important, especially as an all-girls school, to offer these kinds of inspirational extracurricular experiences in the world of STEM. We believe that Harris Girls’ Academy Bromley students will be among the brilliant mathematicians, engineers and scientists of tomorrow.”

In addition to their experiences at NASA, the group visited Universal Studios, Miami Beach and went to an NBA basketball game in Orlando.