Boy racers and young men “re-enacting Fast and the Furious” have given people who like to modify their cars a bad name, according to car enthusiast Luke Eastwood.

That is why the Dartford man is trying to change that impression by getting fellow car-modders together to organise events and raise money for charity.

He said: “This boy racer concept, screaming up and down the road, we will never get rid of that. You will always get people who think they can do what they like.

“But we are nothing like that. We meet up once a month. We all go into the pub and have breakfast together and raise money for charity.

“We are slowly building relationships with the community and the local police. It’s working but it takes time.”

The ex-ambulance driver is a self-professed car fanatic who enjoys modifying his cars.

The problem is as soon as anyone sees Luke and the rest of the Ford Mania car enthusiast group, they are often faced with instant hostility.

He said: “When I go down to Asda I have people judging and saying it’s a boy racer.

“I have had a few neighbours moaning about it, saying it’s noisy but it’s not noisier than a Subaru. I only use it once a week.

“At the pub we meet at we had one regular who saw us and judged us and left a bad review online. I tried to talk to him on the review page but he wouldn’t have it, he was set in his ways.”

This image is part of the reason why Luke is trying to change the perception of people who like to modify their cars by having this group raise money for charities like the NSPCC.

Not only that, but for those young people who do enjoy modifying their cars, Luke hopes he can keep them away from doing anything dangerous.

He said: “You are always going to get the 17-year-old who thinks they can drive when they get that bit of plastic in their hands – they will re-enact Fast and Furious.

“They don’t realise what a killing machine these vehicles are so we invite them to our little club. If you enjoy your cars and modifying them, it’s OK to have a hobby.

“We don’t do wheel spins or anything that that. We even have police turn up and take an interest.”

The group’s next meeting is at the Copperfield Carvery in Gravesend on January 28 Luke is already planning future events where they raise money for Mind Charity.

He said: “Unfortunately in this world there is a lot of judging going on with people who drive modified cars. My goal is to try to change that.”