Twitter has suspended accounts connected to far-right group Britain First leaders Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding.

Paul Golding, a former Swanley councillor, and Jayda Fransen, from Penge, can no longer tweet and their past posts no longer appear.

Their suspension coincides with Twitter enforcing new rules and guidelines.

Jayda Fransen gained notoriety when three anti-Muslim videos she posted were retweeted by US President Donald Trump.

Those videos, which could be viewed by the president's 40-plus million followers, have now disappeared from his timeline.

Other accounts which appear to have been suspended for violating the new rules are @BritainFirstHQ and Paul Golding's @Goldingbf.

All three accounts are listed on the Britain First website as "official accounts".

In a statement, Twitter said: "Today, we are starting to enforce these policies across Twitter. In our efforts to be more aggressive here, we may make some mistakes and are working on a robust appeals process.

"We'll evaluate and iterate on these changes in the coming days and weeks, and will keep you posted on progress along the way.

"We're making these changes to create a safer environment for everyone."

Britain First, which has a headquarters in Swanley, has not commented on the suspensions but has shared articles about Twitter's decision.