The best performing primary schools in Dartford in the Key Stage 2 tests have been revealed.

Primary school league tables are now out for 2017 with schools ranked by what percentage of its students are meeting the expected standard.

The expected standard is based on a series of national curriculum tests at the end of Key Stage 2 which take place for mathematics, English reading and English grammar, punctuation and spelling.

A student's raw score is then scaled because despite tests being developed each year to the same specification, the questions are different and the difficulty of tests may vary.

Once a score is scaled it will fall somewhere in between 80 (the lowest score) and 120 (the highest score).

Students scoring at least a scaled score of 100 will have met the expected standard of the test with a score of 99 or below meaning the student has not met the expected standard.

The Government has now published the results, ranking schools by the percentage of pupils meeting the expected standard.

Based on those rankings it was Our Lady's Catholic Primary School that came out on top in the Dartford Parliamentary Constituency.

1. Our Lady's Catholic Primary School, Dartford: 94%

2. The Gateway Primary Academy: 90%

3. Our Lady of Hartley Catholic Primary School, Hartley, Longfield: 88%

4.Hartley Primary Academy: 85%

5.The Brent Primary School: 82%

6.Westgate Primary School: 80%

7.Manor Community Primary School: 79%

8.Fleetdown Primary School: 78%

9. St Anselm's Catholic Primary School: 77%

10. Langafel Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School: 76%

11. Maypole Primary School: 75%

12. Joydens Wood Junior School: 73%

12. Wilmington Primary School: 73%

13. Sedley's Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School: 71%

14. Wentworth Primary School: 69%

15. Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School, Dartford: 63%

16. Dartford Bridge Community Primary School: 60%

16. Dartford Primary Academy: 60%

16. Oakfield Primary Academy: 60%

17. Stone St Mary's CofE Primary School: 58%

18. Sutton-at-Hone CofE Primary School: 57%

19. West Hill Primary School: 56%

20. Temple Hill Primary Academy: 51%

21. Bean Primary School: 50%

22. The Craylands School: 48%

23. Knockhall Academy: 29%

24. Darenth Community Primary School: 21%