Britain First leader and former Swanley councillor Paul Golding has been arrested.

Police arrested Mr Golding as he attended Laganside Court in Belfast, where deputy leader Jayda Fransen was due to appear.

Ms Fransen, of Penge, broke the news of his arrested on Twitter and revealed the police have also applied to the court to ban her from making public speeches and from using social media while she awaits the conclusion of her case.

It a video tweeted to her 91.9K followers, Jayda said: "Paul Golding has just been arrested by the PNSI on the same trumped up charges we believe or allegations they arrested me for.

"I have just been into court for my first hearing, they have applied for bail conditions which basically state I am not allowed to speak in public or use social media at all. This might be my last video. This is turning into an absolute police state and it needs to stop."

Ms Fransen was arrested and later charged over a speech she made in August outside Belfast City Hall.

The deputy leader of the far-right group was re-arrested minutes after she appeared in court in the city accused of behaviour intended or likely to stir up hatred.

Detectives from the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) also detained the leader of the group, Paul Golding, who was there supporting his colleague.

The PSNI said: "Detectives investigating an incident at a peace wall in Belfast on Wednesday, December 14, have arrested a 31-year-old woman in the Belfast area today."

Golding has been detained by detectives investigating the same demonstration.

The arrests come after US President Donald Trump retweeted three videos posted by Ms Fransen, appearing to carry an Islamophobic message.

The group, whose headquarters is in Swanley, has since boasted it received hundreds of new membership applications and said its Facebook posts were reaching hundreds of thousands more users.

Fransen was charged at Belfast Magistrates' Court with using words which were threatening, abusive or insulting during her speech.

The court ordered her not to go within 500 metres of any demonstration or parade in Northern Ireland as a condition of her release on bail. Her Belfast case is expected to be mentioned again in the city on January 9.