The man who was filmed being branded a "white idiot" in a bizarre row on a Southeastern train is a Tory councillor and chairman of London Assembly's transport committee.

Keith Prince has apologised for the "petty" argument, saying he and the woman involved in the confrontation on the Dartford to London Bridge service had made up by the end of their journey last Thursday morning.

During the argument, which is believed to have been over the woman placing her "muddy feet" on Mr Prince's seat, the woman repeatedly calls him an idiot and threatens to slap him.

In footage filmed by another commuter that was initially posted on the Dartford Rail Travellers Association’s Facebook page, the unidentified woman can be heard saying: "I’m literally grabbing you by your balls, do you understand this?"

She says: "You know you can’t do s**t."

Mr Prince laughs and says: "You’re making yourself look like a complete fool. Just because you can’t respect other people’s property. Take your shoes off my seat."

After the woman calls him a "white idiot", he accuses her of being racist. She then calls him an idiot again.

The video does not capture the moment the fight started, but during the altercation the woman tells Mr Prince his wife is "cheating on [him]. She's using you for your money."

Mr Prince, who is a councillor in Redbridge as well as serving on London Assembly, has since apologised for his involvement in the argument.

He said in a statement to News Shopper: "I regret getting involved in such a petty dispute. This is one of those situations in which it is better to simply walk away.

"By the end of the journey we were joking with each other and having a pleasant conversation. That said, I’d like to apologise to my fellow commuters for the disturbance our initial disagreement caused."

What they said:

Woman: You're an idiot. You're so used to women being quiet when you talk innit? Touch me again i'll f***ing slap you. You're an idiot.

Mr Prince: No, you're an idiot.

Woman: That's why you're not married you idiot.

Mr Prince: (laughing, shows his wedding ring and makes a noise at the woman)

Woman: Are you married? Are you married? Are you sure?

Mr Prince: Yes.

Woman: She's not cheating on you?

Mr Prince: She's a really nice Yoruba lady.

Woman: She's Yoruba? So she's Nigerian? She's my people? She's using your money. Trust me she doesn't love you. Touch me again I'll f***ing slap you.

Your wife, is where I'm from so I know you know her attitude - so touch me again and I will slap you.

Mr Prince: I don't want to touch you, all I want is for you to not put your shoes on my chair so that I don't have to get dirt on my trousers.

(The woman then puts her foot on his chair)

Woman: You are laughing because you know you can't do s***. Listen my feet is literally by your balls. I'm literally grabbing you by your balls.

Mr Prince: No you're not, no you're not, no you're not.

Woman: You're an idiot, you're actually an idiot.