A volunteer club in Dartford has celebrated its centenary anniversary with its largest fundraiser to date.

Dartford Lions Club, made up of volunteers who have been there for as long as 40 years, organised a bonfire and firework display in Central Park on November 4.

Lions Club members worked throughout the year to organise the spectacle, which was attended by thousands of people.

Members built the bonfire themselves, made from timber donated by businesses and residents.

The bonfire was lit by the mayor of Dartford Rosanna Currans, and the firework display marked the club's anniversary with a 100-year sign in the sky.

Press officer for the Dartford Lions Club, Rags Sandhu, said: “Like previous years the event was hugely successful and this was endorsed by the support of the local community.

"I feel that this is a great way to mark the end of our centenary year for Lionism. We cannot do this or any other event without the support of the local community. We are only as good as the people who support us. Thank you to every resident and business who supported this event."