A gang of masked yobs allegedly flipped a car onto its side and egged houses in a Halloween "rampage" in Longfield.

A Ford Ka was flipped over at about 8.50pm in Over Minnis.

Pictures were posted on social media by the car's owner Justin Harris as he appealed for information.

Mr Harris said a group of masked teenagers had been causing havoc in the village, egging his neighbours' property and smashing windows on other cars.

He said: "A neighbour knocked on our door after hearing a great big crash. We went outside and just started at the car in disbelief. It's not what you expect.

"It's shocking really. The car was up for sale as well, so it's just gutting."

A nearby van also had a window smashed by a block of concrete.

Mr Harris, 56, added: "It's normally a very quiet area. It seems like it was a mini rampage, because of the van round the corner being smashed as well and them throwing eggs.

"It's stressful. My wife was in tears. We checked on the neighbours' car because they have a small vehicle as well, we rolled it back onto it's wheels but the damage is done.

"The police have been called but it's hard to know whether they'll catch anyone.

"Someone somewhere must know something though."

Mr Harris, who works for a packaging company, said he has had non-stop messages from people on social media.

In his post online, he said: "The car is probably a write-off now. Pelting the neighbours' house with eggs is one thing, this is quite another."

Police are investigating what happened.

A spokesman for Kent Police said: "Police officers received a report that at around 8.50pm Tuesday 31 October 2017, a Ford Ka parked unattended in Over Minnis, New Ash Green was rolled into its side.

"Anyone with information that can help is asked to contact Kent Police on 01622 604100 quoting reference YY/32042/17.

"Alternatively contact Kent Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111."