A man who has been diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease is in need of a full house transformation to help him stay as independent as possible for as long as possible.

And, a kind member of his family has launched a fundraiser to help.

Robert Holyroyd first experienced breathing problems in 2019 and was misdiagnosed with a respiratory condition.

After experiencing new symptoms, such as loss of feeling and spasms, the family knew something was not right.

Then, in October 2020, the 45-year-old saw a specialist neurologist who confirmed a diagnosis of Motor Neurone Disease.

His progressive condition means he struggles with everyday activities, such as walking up the stairs, so distant family member Andy Littlechild set up a fundraising page to help.

Robert, who lives with wife Lyndsey in Bexley, needs help to build an extension on the ground floor so that he can remain independent for as long as possible.

Andy told the News Shopper: “We’re hoping to raise money to build a modest extension for Robert – including a wet room and converting the room downstairs into a bedroom.

“This would give Robert the peace of mind that everything is accessible on the ground floor.

“Robert was in the building trade and knows a lot of people willing to help us with the plans.

“That’s why we created this GoFundMe, so anyone who would like to help can donate to the page.”

In order to gain the necessary funding for the extension, Andy says they needed to “act as quickly as possible” to help give Robert the “best quality of life.”

The GoFundMe page has a fundraising target of £30,000 He explained: “They are a family just like anybody else.

“We all go through trials and tribulations in life, and it take a lot to ask for help.

“But this is a lifechanging situation and once we realised we could help raise money, the family was given some hope.

“The more we can make Robert’s life more comfortable, the better the situation will be.”

Robert and Lyndsey have two children - 22-year-old Abe, and 19-year-old Layla.

Andy told the News Shopper that Lyndsey, Abe and Layla have been “amazing” and are continuing where they can.

Andy added: “As Robert’s speech is deteriorating, health care professionals want to trial voice recordings, so that later on when he has difficulties talking, his computer will speak words for him.

“Robert’s son, Abe, has agreed to be the recording as they have similar voices.

“The entire family has been as supportive as possible.”

Andy says that four of his family members, including his two children, are planning on raising money for the GoFundMe page.

Another family member has designed cards to sell and help towards the page.

As Robert’s symptoms are unlikely to improve, he will need specific care and specialised equipment in his day to day life.

Andy said: “Robert desperately needs a downstairs wet room, bathing hoist and powered chair – which results in being a total redesign of the downstairs floor.

“We are aiming to raise £30,000 to help Robert to get the adaptations needed and any donation will be appreciated.

“Any additional money will be donated to the Motor Neuron Disease association.

“This is a simple story about a family that needs help – whether that is through raising awareness or donating money.”

“No matter how large or small the donation is, it truly will make a massive difference.”

You can donate to the fundraiser here.

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