This Christmas will be the last time you will be able to shop at the Debenhams in Eltham as it is set to close in the new year.

Debenhams announced that it will close the Eltham store on January 13, indicating that the branch “may become unprofitable over the next five years”.

The news comes as a shock to many people in Eltham who had grown up around the store.

Sheniz Bayraktar wrote on the Eltham Facebook group: “I am absolutely so upset, Debenhams is yet another one of our wonderful shops closing down - all the best ones slowly going.

“Such a shame that Eltham is changing by the day, so sad.”

Others though felt that the writing had been on the wall for years as they hadn’t seen as many people shopping there.

Marky London wrote: “Debenhams there is utter crap they don't even sell shoes. Gave up going in there.”

Jennifer Whiteman wrote: “It’s a shame, but tbh I am not surprised whenever I go past there seems very little customers in the shop.”

Michael O'Sullivan wrote: “Out of curiosity how many who have said what a shame and that’s Eltham going downhill now because Debenhams is closing have actually shopped in Debenhams recently? If we want a thriving Eltham high street, you need to be shopping there.”

Spencer Drury, councillor for Eltham North, said the prospect of Debenhams closing had been raised before but the news was still a “hammer blow”.

He said: “Things looked more positive in July when Debehams sent a representative to the Eltham Town Centre Partnership, but the closure of such a major retailer this week is a hammer blow for the High Street.”

A Debenhams spokeswoman said: “The Debenhams Redesigned strategy was shared in April 2017 and detailed that a review of the store estate had identified up to ten stores that may become unprofitable over the next five years. As part of this review Eltham store will close on January 13.

“We are currently in consultation with colleagues at the site and will assist with redeployment opportunities within the business.

“Customers can continue to shop with Debenhams at the nearby Bromley and Orpington stores as well as online at”