A new coffee shop is being opened in Petts Wood by two former Ravensbourne School students.

Coffee X will launch on November 4 in Station Square.

The café will specialise in cakes, sandwiches and coffees and will use local producers such as the Sponge Kitchens.

Founders Ricky Barbara and George Selms, both 29, are dreaming big and hope to open more cafes in Bromley, all under the Coffee X brand.

The pair want the café to rival big companies like Starbucks and Café Nero.

Mr Barbara said: “Service, quality and experience that’s why we will be better.

“I won’t name and shame but I find a lot of the bigger companies are inconsistent with the service they provide.

“We have put a lot of investment into our equipment and the training of our staff and we will achieve that consistency.”

Mr Barbara and Mr Selms met at school in Bromley at the age of 17. They started their first business, an estate agents, at the age of 23.

Mr Barbara said: “The only reason we are so successful is our friendship.

“We understand how to work with each other. That’s key to why we succeeded with our first business and why we have the money to invest in a second one.

“They say you should never start a company with family or friends but there’s no one else I would go into a business venture with.”

The two businessmen are very serious about what they are doing but they are also having some fun with their menu.

Some of their hot and cold drinks will have a doughnut resting on the top. The drink inside will need to be slurped up through the doughnut’s hole.

They are also enjoying some of the perks that come with starting a coffee shop.

Mr Barbara said: “The best thing about setting up a café is the supplies of free cakes and coffee. I’ve put on a bit of weight. Now I need to get down to the gym!”