Tesco has apologised after an Orpington dad said he found a "dead mouse" in one of its store-branded packs of rice.

Emma Dolan, of Southlands Avenue, was stunned when she was shown a video by partner Grant after he microwaved his golden vegetable rice, only to see something unpleasant.

The mum-of-one posted footage on Facebook and said: “This is disgusting. Last night Grant was microwaving some rice and after cooking he emptied it on to the plate, and [what he said looked] a dead mouse was found.

She wrote: “The packet was sealed so it must have been packaged in the factory.

“Don’t worry, a very serious complaint will be made to Tesco today (January 5) and the microwave will be thrown away.

“I will never shop there again or buy microwave[able] rice.”

Ms Dolan, 42, went back to Tesco Extra in Orpington to lodge a formal complaint before she threw out the appliance the food was cooked in.

She added: “He prepared a meal to go with it but then he couldn’t eat anything, we felt sick all day Friday. It was horrendous.

“I didn’t know anything about it, I had already gone to bed, I didn’t know about it until Friday morning (January 5), so I got straight on the phone to Tesco in Orpington and spoke to the manager.

“He was a really nice guy to be honest and he couldn’t have done any more than he did at that stage to help.

“Because I said I was throwing away the microwave he gave me a new microwave, which is nice of them.”

A Tesco spokesman said it is was not a dead mouse, but in fact mould, and the incident is currently under investigation with the suppliers.

He said: “It appears the airtight seal of this product was damaged and led to the unpleasant look of the rice.

“We do everything we can to ensure our products are of the highest standards, so we were surprised to hear of this issue.

“We’ve apologised to Emma with a gesture of goodwill and asked our supplier to investigate further."