Owners of a hotel in Bickley after suffering after they claim travellers have left a plot of land littered with rubbish nearby.

The land in question stretches along Blackbrook Lane.

Leyla Sevket, who works at The Manor at Bickley, or more commonly known as Bickley Manor, told News Shopper that the view of the vacant plot is "disgusting".

She said: "People think it belongs to us. It is a real eye sore. Everyone is saying it is absolutely disgusting and nobody seems to be shifting it.

"It is a nuisance and is obviously affecting our business. It is not pleasant and it has been like this for four months.

"It is just a rubbish dump. Once the leaves from the trees dropped it was exposed. They just dumped the whole area."

Ms Sevket also claimed the hotel was exploited by some travellers when they occupied the land in the summer.

"I had to hire extra security. At one point, kids were sneaking to our premises and taking drinks behind the bar in the function room that is not always used.

"It has been a nightmare. It is unfortunate because you want to be sympathetic with them but when they do this it is unfair to the community here."

She said that around 50 adults and children with caravans lived in the seven to eight acre plot from the end of July until August last year.

The council issued a warning letter to the plot owners on October 17 and gave a deadline of November 21 for action to be taken to remove the waste.

However, according to Ms Sevket, nothing has been done.

Councillor Colin Smith, Leader of Bromley Council and Bickley Ward Councillor, said: “The fact of the matter remains that the landowners are responsible for clearing this fly-tipped waste from their property and the Council has long since been in contact with them in an effort to encourage them to get on with job.

"The owners were written to in October when they were put on notice that legal action would be taken if the waste was not cleared away, and it is therefore extremely disappointing that final warning has not been heeded.

"There are actually 28 different plots, many cross-owned and taking matters to the next stage has become a complex matter legally as each individual plot holder is only responsible for clearing waste from their plot(s). 

"With that work now completed, from next week the Council will commence issuing untidy site notices to each plot holder, which if not complied with, will lead to further legal action until this matter is successfully resolved following the difficult but necessary legal process we have had to follow, to achieve the right outcome for local residents affected by the current blight.”