ITV's must-watch hit show Take Me Out is back for a 10th series this weekend and this time round there are a handful of women from across our area looking for love.

The Paddy McGuinness-fronted dating show is on ITV at 7pm on Saturday (January 6) and is looking to build on its stats of being responsible for seven weddings, three babies and another two on the way.

The bar has been set high this year with new Flirty Thirty ladies and they are ready to meet the single boys braving the love lift.

Many of the girls are from across out patch this year, so let’s see who they are and where they’re from.

Amberlee- 23, from Bexley

News Shopper:

Amberlee works as an admin assistant in a law firm and has a law degree.

She is really close to her mum, who also parties in Ibiza. She describes her as ‘the coolest mum ever’.

Her celebrity crush is Love Island’s Alex Bowen.

She likes DIY, she is great with flat pack furniture and has fixed doors, laid bricks and put up mirrors.

Georgie - 24, from Chislehurst

News Shopper:

Georgie eats dog treats as she is intolerant to chocolate.

She loves brunch; she has her own bottomless brunch bible.

Her celebrity crush is Olly Murs.

Party girl Georgie loves going to festivals.

Nancy - 19, from Gravesend

News Shopper:

Nancy is currently studying fashion embroidery, describing sewing as her passion.

She is obsessed with the royal family.

She was run over twice in the same day, accidentally, by her Nan.

She loves vintage clothes and works part time in a vintage clothes shop.

Debi - 40, from Epsom

News Shopper:

Debi is a lifelong Crystal Palace fan and season ticket holder.

She wrote off her first car in the first two hours of owning it.

Her celeb crush is Tom Hardy.

She often looks after her nieces and nephews and loves being an auntie.

Roxy - 23, from Kent

News Shopper:

Roxy is a big believer in seizing the day.

She used to live on a farm and owned two ostriches.

Her dad is not one to be messed with, he’s a semi professional boxer!

Her celebrity crush is Tom Hardy

Lorae - 24, from London

News Shopper:

At the weekends Lorae is a club host which she enjoys because she loves to party.

Her party trick is that she can play the ukulele.

Lorae has been named the ‘Twerk Queen’ and her friends are the ‘Twerk Team’

She is often found at the gym and can deadlift 100kg.